Declare Sisters ‘haram’

09 Jun

SHAH ALAM: PAS wants the National Fatwa Council to declare the non-governmental organisation Sisters in Islam as haram if its activities are found to be contrary to the Islamic teachings and principles.

The party alleged that the group’s activities were “dangerous” as it could cause confusion among the Muslims.

The call was made in a motion that was tabled by the Shah Alam division at the party’s 55th general assembly yesterday.

The motion, which was adopted without debate, also called on the council to investigate the activities of the group.

PAS Women wing head Dr Lo’ Lo’ Ghazali, however, came to the group’s defence, saying that she was against the resolution seeking to have the group banned.

“The party should not isolate NGOs. If there are suspicions then investigate, but don’t ban them,” she added.

She said PAS should educate people instead of just preaching about what is right and wrong.

The motion read: “We are aware that its approach can easily be accepted by the Muslims and this is dangerous as it can twist their aqidah, especially the young and those who went through secular education.”

The motion also urged the council to introduce special programmes to rehabilitate the group’s members so that they could come back to the right religious track.

Dipetik dari The Star Online, 08 June 2009.


One response to “Declare Sisters ‘haram’

  1. Norman

    04/06/2010 at 10:55 pm

    It seems that SIS is directly/indirectly affiliated to The Liberal Islam elements as advocated by Anwar Ibrahim and his godfathers. The mainstream Muslims shld always be on alert and mindful of the activities of these deviationists and work closely with the relevent authorities to prevent them from spreading this unhealthy trend and poisoning the minds of younger Muslims and Muslimahs.


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