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Iran Dan Hezbollah Mengganas di Syria

Akhbar antarabangsa beberapa hari lalu melaporkan bahawa Iran dan sekutunya Hezbollah yang dipimpin Sheikh Hassan Nasrallah kini menguasai militari/ ketenteraan di Syria sebagai langkah mempertahankan kerajaan rejim Syiah pimpinan Bashar al-Assad.

Ini menunjukkan bahawa usaha penghapusan masyarakat Ahli Sunnah Wal Jamaah semakin serius. Inilah akibatnya jika kita terus beranggapan bahawa Syiah tidak memberi kesan apa-apa pada masyarakat. Bila berkuasa, mereka membunuh sunni..!!!

Baca artikel berikut bersumber dari :

‘Syria no longer exists’

Source: Iran, Hezbollah have taken over control of nation’s military, government

WASHINGTON – Iran and Hezbollah have effectively taken over Syria, guiding the nation’s military operations and functions of government, as the Lebanese resistance group’s fighters have begun to flood into the Damascus area, reveals a well-placed source in the Syrian capital.

To make a “long version really short, Syria no longer exists,” the source told WND.

Syria32 The government of Syria and the running of the Syrian military are no longer are under the command of the Syrians, he explained.

“Lebanon also is no more,” the source added.

Like Syria, “it’s now in the sphere of Iran and Hezbollah” who “run everything now.”

The knowledgeable and well-situated source was referring to ongoing military operations against Syrian opposition forces. Rebel ranks have been infiltrated by Sunni al-Qaida-linked militants, including the al-Nusra Front, which sources say is affiliated with a similar group from Lebanon called Ansar Bayt al-Maqdis.

Because of direct Hezbollah involvement in fighting against anti-Syrian government fighters, militants have threatened to attack Hezbollah strongholds in Lebanon, a prospect that could quickly spread the sectarian Sunni-Shia fighting inside Lebanon.

Pitched battles already are taking place in the northern Lebanese city of Tripoli, a Sunni stronghold. Sunni opposition forces have been engaging Hezbollah fighters who have aligned themselves with Shiites and Shiite Alawites in the region.

Syrian opposition positions near Tripoli and the immediate area recently were bombed by Syrian government forces. The area is one of the main avenues for infiltration of arms and foreign opposition fighters into Syria. The other conduit is Turkey.

If Syrian opposition forces attempted to descend into Lebanon, they would need to go through the Beqaa Valley, which is under Hezbollah’s control. The area is a virtual armed camp, which has been a deterrent to date from the chaos in Syria spilling over too far into Lebanon.

The issue of Iranian and Hezbollah control over military operations and government functions in Syria comes as separate reports reveal they have moved a 50,000-strong force into Syria to fight alongside Syrian government troops.

Sources say there are plans to increase that number to some 100,000 Hezbollah fighters.

“The Hezbollah guys are here (in Damascus), not near Maroun el Ras,” one source said, referring to the influx of Hezbollah fighters into Syria.

Maroun el Ras is a Lebanese village in southern Lebanon about a kilometer from the border with northern Israel. In the 2006 war between Hezbollah and Israel, Maroun el Ras, which is at an elevation of almost 3,000 feet and overlooks Israeli villages, was a focal point.

It was the scene of a major confrontation between the two in which the village’s occupation changed hands during the 34-day conflict. However, Israeli forces never fully occupied the village which ultimately remained in the hands of Hezbollah.

Shiite Iran and its Lebanese proxy, Hezbollah, openly are backing the survival of the embattled regime of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad, who is a Shiite Alawite, fighting a sectarian civil war against Sunni opposition fighters, most of whom are foreigners financed and primarily armed by Sunni Qatar and Saudi Arabia.

The latest reports reveal that the U.S. Central Intelligence Agency is assisting in funneling Qatari and Saudi arms into Syria.

In addition, the Iranian Revolutionary Guard Corps’ elite Quds Force also is advising Syrian commanders, a development which sources say is under the command of Qassem Suleimani, who is overseeing operations out of the Syrian capital, Damascus.

Sources suggest that the reason for direct Iranian and Hezbollah involvement is not only to assist in the fighting but to maintain control over Syria should the government of Assad fall.

Hezbollah also is reportedly training fighting forces which would come under Iran’s control should Assad fall from power.

Iran and Hezbollah are undertaking this direct involvement because of the geostrategic significance Syria is to both entities.

With Syria, Iran has extended its influence from the Middle East to Central Asia. Syria also is a conduit to transfer weapons to Hezbollah in Lebanon.

The interest of Hezbollah involvement in Syria became apparent last October when Hezbollah Secretary-General Sayyed Hasan Nasrallah first signaled the involvement of the resistance movement in Syria.

It was around that period that first reports of dead Hezbollah fighters were being returned from Syria.

At the time, Nasrallah had denied reports of such fighting but didn’t rule out the prospect of Hezbollah fighters engaging the militant fighters in the future.

“As of now,” Nasrallah said at the time, “we have not fought alongside the (Assad) regime. We don’t know about the future.”

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Sheikh Yusof Al-Qaradawi : Syiah ancaman umat Islam!

Ulama terkenal Ikhwanul Muslimin, Sheikh Yusof Al-Qaradawi baru-baru ini memberi amaran kepada umat Islam seluruh dunia tentang ancaman gerakan Syiah yang sedang menyerang Ahli Sunnah Wal Jamaah. Menurut beliau risiko pengembangan Syiah, sebagai satu ancaman merbahaya kepada identiti negara-negara Sunni, di mana Iran sedang mengeksport revolusi negara itu ke negara-negara Islam seluruh dunia bagi menghapuskan masyarakat Sunni.

Berikut saya sertakan artikel yang dipetik dari website rasmi Ikhwanul Muslimin Antarabangsa (klik di sini) :

Qaradawi Renews Attacks On Shiites

An Egyptian newspaper has reported that Youssef Qaradawi, perhaps the most important leader of the global Muslim Brotherhood, has made more comments warning about the dangers of Shiite “expansion” to the Sunni community. According to the report:

Sheikh Youssef Al-Qaradawi Chairman of “World Federation of Muslim Scholars,” warning of the risk of expansion Shiite Sunni communities, as a dangerous threat to the identity of the Sunni countries, strongly criticized the acceleration of the steps to export the Iranian revolution to the countries of the region, and called for addressing this threat. The Qaradawi during a press statement on the sidelines of his participation at the Islamic Research Academy in Cairo, which concluded its work yesterday, a total rejection of Iran’s efforts to spread Shi’ism which should stand him in a strong and highly aware of risks. He drew his speech to the leaders of Iran: “We are the Sunnis and the group, we believe we are on the right, and we believe that the doctrine of the right, however, do not want in the dissemination of doctrine among the Shiites do not want to turn the Shiites as sought by Iran.” He continued: We have supported the Iranian revolution against the might and tyranny, but we were shocked when it revealed about the Revolution and the sectarian and efforts to extend outside the territory of Iran, and work on the funeral of the year in neighboring countries, urging Iran to desist from such schemes if they seek normal relations with Arab countries.

As the newspaper observes, Qaradawi was embroiled in controversy last year over similar remarks:

Qaradawi was warned in remarks he made last September by the threat of growing Shiite tide in Sunni communities, said that the “menace lies in the attempt to invade the Sunni community, who are preparing for that with their billions of wealth and cadres trained to approach the Shiite proselytizing in the country, especially the Sunni the Sunni community has no immunity against the cultural invasion, Shiite.

As earlier posts discussed, Qaradawi’s comments initiated a firestorm in the Muslim world and he was heavily criticized, not only by the Shiite community but also by the Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood and its Supreme Guide. Knowledgeable sources reported at the time that Qaradawi was likely motivated by pressure from the Saudis as well as by his desire to set himself above the Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood and its leader. Qaradawi has always enjoyed a close relationship with the Saudis and Gulf leaders and is far more important to the global Muslim Brotherhood than the Egyptian “mother” organization which has appeared to move closer to Iran of late.

It remains to be seen whether or not Qaradawi’s latest attack on Shiites will provoke another round of condemnation.


Syeikh al-Qaradawi juga mengisytihar Iran sebagai musuh Islam dan bakal haji digesa mendoakan kehancuran Iran di Makkah kerana pendirian Iran anyg mendokong penyembelihan umat Islam di Syria. Untuk membaca sila klik di sini.

Persoalan yang ingin SJ kemukakan pembaca –

Wajarkah Malaysia memutuskan hubungan dengan Iran? YA atau TIDAK.

Harap kalian sudi memberi maklumbalas. Terima kasih.

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Syiah Dalam Parti Politik di Malaysia

Kewujudan Syiah di Malaysia bukan lagi rahsia. Gerakan ajaran sesat ini mula bergerak secara terancang dengan hasrat untuk menghapuskan Ahli Sunnah Wal Jamaah di Malaysia. Antara gerak kerja yang sedang dilakukan oleh mereka ialah dengan cuba menguasai parti-parti politik negara ini. Bila menyebut tentang parti politik, SJ maksudkan kepada semua parti politik yang melibatkan orang Islam-Melayu iaitu UMNO, PAS dan PKR.

Walaupun setakat ini belum ada maklumat tentang Syiah di dalam UMNO, namun SJ nasihatkan agar pihak parti berkenaan berhati-hati kerana tidak mustahil jika mereka turut menyelinap masuk ke dalam parti itu tanpa disedari oleh sesiapa. Jangan fikir kalian selamat dari golongan Syiah!

Dalam pada masa yang sama, kita memang mengetahui tentang kewujudan Syiah dalam Pakatan Rakyat dan hubungan erat Kerajaan PAS Kelantan dengan Kerajaan Syiah Iran bukanlah suatu rahsia lagi. Perkara ini pernah saya dedahkan menerusi satu artikel (klik di sini).

Ketika Ekspo Perdagangan Dunia Islam 2012 yang berlangsung di perkarangan Stadium Sultan Muhammad IV, Menteri Besar Kelantan yang juga Mursyidul Am PAS Datuk Nik Abdul Aziz Bin Nik Mat telah mengarahkan supaya bahan-bahan berunsur Syiah diturunkan oleh pihak-pihak yang terbabit dengan ekspo berkenaan. Malangnya, arahan tersebut tidak dipenuhi sepenuhnya.

Ini menandakan bahawa penganut ajaran Syiah tidak gerun dengan Menteri Besar Kelantan itu berkemungkinan kerana mengetahui bahawa pihak PAS tidak akan mampu menghalang gerakan Syiah yang telah mula mendominasi parti tersebut.

Dikhabarkan pula bahawa Pengerusi Parti KeADILan Rakyat (PKR) Perlis, Mohammad Faisol Abdul Rahman merupakan seorang penganut ajaran Syiah.

Hal ini membuktikan bahawa Pakatan Rakyat sangat longgar dalam menegakkan ajaran Islam. Tumpuan serta cita-cita nafsu mengejar pangkat, jawatan dan kedudukan untuk menguasai arena politik tanahair telah mengaburi pandangan mata hati mereka hinggakan persoalan akidah tidak menjadi keutamaan.

Diketahui juga bahawa telah wujud Hauzah Syiah di negeri Perlis, dan ramai di kalangan masyarakat Kedah dan Perlis yang telah menganut ajaran Syiah.

Datuk Nik Abdul Aziz Nik Mat (Mursyidul Am PAS) menerima zakat dari syarikat KoWahida, Penganut Syiah, Mohammad Faisol Abdul Rahman (Pengerusi PKR Perlis)

Anehnya, negeri yang para Muftinya asyik menyebut tentang soal bidaah itu dan ini sendiri tidak menyekat gerakan Syiah di Perlis.

Sejarah lampau membuktikan bagaimana Syiah menjatuhkan kerajaan-kerajaan Islam dengan cara menyelinap masuk melalui politik negara. bagaimana jatuhnya Kerajaan Islam Abbasiyah yang hancur akibat Syiah yang mengkhianati kerajaan ketika itu dengan bekerjasama dengan tentera Mongul demi menghapuskan Ahli Sunnah Wal Jamaah.

Seharusnya peristiwa ini menjadi pengajaran buat kita agar tidak lagi mengulangi kesilapan yang sama. Syiah sepatutnya di usir dari bumi Malaysia.

Jika ada yang memilih untuk menjadi Syiah, maka sepatutnya, kerakyatan mereka terbatal secara automatik. Jika ada yang mahu menganut ajaran Syiah, sewajarnya mereka harus berani untuk bertindak keluar dari Malaysia dan menetap terus di Parsi (Iran).

Umat Islam juga bertanggungjawab untuk mengusir mereka dari negara ini, memboikot syarikat-syarikat mereka dan tidak mengadakan sebarang urusan dengan puak Syiah.

Ini kerana hasil wang tersebut akan akhirnya digunakan sebagai dana untuk menghapuskan umat Islam di Malaysia.

Ayuh wahai saudaraku, kita hapuskan gerakan mereka hingga tiada seinci tempat bagi Syiah di Malaysia.

Pusat Syiah di Perlis


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Syiah Membina Rejim Pro-Israel

Perang di Syria kian hari dirasakan semakin tegang. Ia adalah peperangan antara masyarakat Sunni dengan rejim Syiah pimpinan Bashar al-Assad.

Sejak lebih sedekad lalu, kita telah menyaksikan bagaimana peperangan demi peperangan berlaku di Afghanistan, Iraq dan kini di Syria. Jika diperhatikan secara rinci, dapat dilihat dalam setiap peperangan yang berlaku ini, kufar Syiah di Iran pimpinan Ahmadinejad telah membabitkan diri secara langsung membantu Amerika dan sekutunya menjatuhkan Afghanistan dan Iraq. Kerana itu, selepas jatuhnya kerajaan pimpinan Saddam Hussein, Amerika telah memastikan Syiah menjadi pemerintah Iraq yang baru.

Manakala di Syria pula, mereka menjadi tulang belakang membantu tentera Bashar membunuh rakyat Syria. Iran malah turut menghulurkan bantuan persenjataan dan perubatan untuk tentera Syria.

Di Lubnan pula, sokongan Iran ke atas Hezbullah pimpinan Hasan Nasrallah (yang dipuja oleh Faisal Tehrani) bukanlah rahsia lagi. Sokongan ke atas Hezbullah tidak lain adalah untuk menjatuhkan Ahli Sunnah Wal Jamaah di negara itu. Diketahui juga bahawa penganut Syiah di Lubnan  memberi sokongan padu kepada Bashar al-Assad.

Apakah yang sebenarnya sedang berlaku?

Pertama, Syiah sedang membunuh umat Islam yakni mereka yang berpegang kepada Ahli Sunnah Wal Jamaah.

Kedua, Syiah sedang berusaha menguasai kesemua negara Islam di Asia Tengah.

Perlu diingat juga, kesemua yang berlaku di Afghanistan, Iraq dan Syria merupakan kerjasama antara Syiah dan Amerika. Amerika pula merupakan proxy Yahudi. Ini bermakna, tanpa kita sedari Syiah sendiri membantu Yahudi. Malah, ternyata, sepanjang sejarah, Syiah TIDAK PERNAH berperang dengan Yahudi.

Maka jelas pula bahawa perang mulut antara Syiah-Amerika-Israel hanyalah DRAMA/ LAKONAN belaka.

Rahsia agenda Amerika membina jaringan pro-Israel melalui bantuan Syiah telah dinyatakan dalam satu artikel bertajuk ‘NEO-CON MASTERPLAN WAS FOR IRAQI SHIITES TO CREATE PRO-ISRAELI REGIME’ (untuk membaca klik di sini).

Di masa yang sama, kita juga pasti akan melihat permainan Dajal Syiah di Lubnan dan Bahrain merosakkan ahli sunnah di kedua-dua negara terbabit. Kita juga pasti akan melihat sokongan tidak berbelah bahagi Iran dan Amerika ke atas Hezbullah di Lubnan dan Syiah di Bahrain.

Kita juga pasti tidak akan melihat perang antara Syiah dengan Israel. Namun sudah tentu akan dapat menonton sketsa perang mulut Ahmadinejad dan Amerika-Israel. Kononnya mengutuk itu dan ini.

Dalam pada itu, kita juga WAJIB menentang gerakan Syiah yang sedang melanda Malaysia dan Indonesia. Gerakan kesesatan yang didalangi oleh kerajaan Iran.

Ayuh, bangkitlah wahai saudaraku. Kita halau Syiah dari bumi Malaysia!!!